Virtuality 2018 – Introducing Onirix VR system for location-based VR entertainment

Paris – February 8, 2018​ – Onirix VR, the company dedicated to offering premium VR solutions for location-based entertainment unveiled at Virtuality Paris 2018 its first set of products to screen high-quality entertainment and experiences in virtual reality. The O1 swivel VR chair is the first seat with integrated VR and dedicated software to manage VR screenings for the general public.

By offering these turnkey solutions to media venues, including VR movie theaters, Onirix aims to solve issues faced by early adopters: difficulty to find good content, tricky setup, and cable entanglement which can quickly ruin a 360° immersive experience.

We want to accelerate mass adoption of virtual reality” says Raphael Roullet, Co-founder of Onirix VR. “And for that we are committed to developing solutions that will allow the general public to experience VR movies in high quality at a low price and without the need for costly setup. We hope to contribute to a virtuous circle by equipping venues and bridging the gap between them and content creators.


The O1 Swivel VR Chair boasts a high-performance VR-ready computer. Its main feature allows for endless 360° rotation with cables neatly contained within the chair. A number of options are available to fully customize the look and feel of the chair; venues can choose from amongst a large selection of compatible VR headsets (including from StarVR and HTC) and personalized textile fabrics. Designed for both adults and children, a lever can be used to adjust its height to suit any age.

The accompanying dedicated software was conceived to empower locations to easily manage VR experiences by providing ready access to a full catalog of content curated by Onirix from various sources. This proprietary software was developed specifically to allow multiple O1 Swivel VR Chairs to simultaneously play the exact same content without lag, ensuring the ideal cinema experience for all.

The O1 Swivel VR Chair is projected to be available by Q2 2018, for more information please reach out to or at


About Onirix VR
Onirix VR is a provider of premium solutions for venues offering location-based VR entertainment. Its mission is to allow everyone to enjoy high-quality VR experiences in a simple and affordable way. The first Onirix VR products are a patented swivel chair with integrated VR and software for experience management.

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