Partnering with Illucity (Ymagis Group) to democratize Virtual Reality



Partnering with Illucity (Ymagis Group) to democratize Virtual Reality


All-in-one Onirix VR Swivel Seats will be available to the general public permanently in Paris for the first time in the world.


Paris, France November 21, 2018 – Onirix VR, a company specializing in offering premium Virtual Reality solutions for venues, announces a partnership with ILLUCITY, the first Virtual Reality adventure park, to allow the general public to enjoy high-end cinematic experiences in Virtual Reality.

Several cinematic experiences in Virtual Reality will be proposed such as Construct, a futuristic short film of volumetric type directed by Nozon and Starbreeze Studios. Two more VR animated films produced by Baobab Studios will also be present: Invasion! and Asteroids!, featuring a humorous space adventure where we find two extraterrestrials. Asteroids! is part of the official selection of the 2017 Sundance Film Festival and was awarded the Unity Vision Award while Invasion! was awarded an Emmy Award (2017). Tara VR, a VR documentary co-produced by the TARA Foundation and distributed by Nexus Forward will also be available. The spectator will board the legendary Tara Foundation boat and follow divers to discover the endangered coral ecosystem. Finally, in the VR experience Out of The Blue , the spectator will be guided by the voice of Lambert Wilson, and will embark on land and under water for a trip to Baja California. He will discover the story of a fishing village that became aware of the danger threatening the oceans and created an underwater reserve at the very place where their ancestors fished.

It will be possible to view this content on equipment designed specifically for this purpose, VR swivel seats developed by the startup Onirix VR and made available to the general public in the new adventure park Illucity. This new park dedicated to Virtual Reality, operated by Ymagis Group, will open its doors on November 28, 2018 in Paris, La Villette (75019), FRANCE.

The ILLUCITY parks have been designed to offer the public the opportunity to discover Virtual Reality in the best conditions. So we naturally turned to Onirix VR seats to screen 360° movies with unparalleled quality and comfort. ” – Nathan Reznik, CEO Deputy at Illucity

The Onirix O1 swivel seats are ideal for screening VR experiences with a strong narrative dimension to the general public. A powerful computer is integrated directly into the chair to allow viewers to turn 360°, without cable entanglement, while wearing a high-end Virtual Reality headset. The user is free to look in the direction he wants by simply using his feet to rotate, unlike other motorized chairs that impose pre-programmed movements.



Onirix O1 VR swivel seats, made in France, have been studied to allow a prolonged use of several tens of minutes time in sitting position.

“This first installation of Onirix seats represents for the film industry a new opportunity to make Virtual Reality more accessible to the general public thanks to a suitable equipment.”  – Yohan Bouché, CEO of Onirix VR

As the quality and duration of Virtual Reality content gradually increases, Onirix VR offers operators a solution that allows viewers to enjoy the best VR cinematic experience possible. The French Startup hopes to create a craze for operators and creators of content to popularize the films in Virtual Reality and thus give the opportunity to the general public to live exceptional experiences.


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Onirix VR develops premium hardware and software solutions dedicated to Virtual Reality for venues. Since June 2018, Onirix VR is selling an all-in-one chair for Virtual Reality.

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