360° VR Rotary Chair - Model ORION

Integrated VR System

Onirix VR Swivel Chair
Onirix VR Swivel Chair

Premium 360° VR Chair

Our swivel chair unleashes all the power of Virtual Reality.
It is unmotorized and allows the viewer to look in the wanted direction by rotating with its feet.

  • Integrated VR computer and VR headset
  • Endless 360° rotation with no cable entanglement using our patented system
  • No battery management needed, connected to AC power supply
  • Ready for general public use
  • Perfect for cinematic VR and interactive seated experiences like simulation or video games
  • Very comfortable

VR-Ready computer

More powerful than a standalone VR headset chip, we keep it cool all the time.
Multiple setups are available and the more powerful one includes the following specifications:

  • Intel Core i5-9600 (3.6 GHz)
  • RTX 2070 Aero (8 Go)
  • Ethernet 1000Mbps and Wifi connection
  • 16 Go RAM DDR4 2800 MHz
  • NVMe Intel 760p - 512 GB
  • Additional storage - 1 TB
Intel Core i7 Nvidia VR Ready
Onirix VR Swivel Chair
Onirix VR Swivel Chair

Top of the line VR Headset

In order to bring the most premium VR experience possible,
our VR chair is provided with one of the following VR headsets:

HP Reverb

HP Reverb

Multiple operating modes

Ticketing Mode

We are working with ticketing providers for venues so that guests can spend their ticket and enjoy their VR experience through an Onirix VR seat.

Standalone Mode

Guests can choose from an experiences list the experience they want to watch by themselves using gaze once they are comfortably seated.

Synchronous Mode

Through our backoffice interface, an operator can launch a screening simultaneously on multiple Onirix VR Chairs in the same room. Similar to a regular cinema screening.

General Public ready

Height Adjustement

The O1 VR Swivel Chair height can be adjusted with a lever so that both children and adults are guaranteed to enjoy the most comfortable seated VR experience.

Quick Release Buckle

After and before screenings, VR headset can be attached to the chair using a quick release buckle.

Weight with equipment
(Computer + VR Headset + Audio Headset)
70 kg
User maximum weight130 kg
Seat base diameter600 mm
Number of grounded anchors6 x ø 12,7
Distribution of anchor pointsø 480mm
Azimut 22,5°
Flatness of the base<1 mm
Width x Depth x Height900 x 825 x 1250 mm
Recommended minimal age12 years
Minimum / Maximum height of seat47/58cm
Integrated computer
VR Headset integratedHP Reverb or customised (on discussion)
Electrical alimentation110/230V - 50/60Hz
Restart on Power Loss
Dissipated power300W - 500W
Noise at full power<30 db
ConnectivityWifi + Ethernet
Anti-Fire qualificationAM18
Anti-fire normsTB 133 / TB117
BS-5852 - Clause 12
(ignition source 0,1 & 5)
Mechanical norms - public seatingANSI/BIFMA X5.4 - 2012
ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 - 2017
EN 1335-3:2009
Onirix VR Swivel Chair Back View

Pick A Color


Onirix VR Swivel Chair Opera color


Onirix VR Swivel Chair Black color


Onirix VR Swivel Chair Azur color

Depending your needs a custom color can be applied to the fabric and your own brand logo can be integrated on the backrest

VR Catalog and
content management

We are working with multiple VR Studios to bring you the most incredible and top quality VR experiences available today.

Pay as you go, based on a licensing fee for each ticket spent on your swivel seats. In case you can't find the content you want, upload your own experiences using our backoffice interface.

For more information about our VR line-up you can contact us.

Onirix VR Swivel Chair

Let the magic begin!

Movie theaters, VR facilities, theme parks, museums and venues in general, the Onirix VR system fits perfectly your needs.
Feel free to contact us for more information.