The films’ selection of Cannes XR will be screened on the Onirix cinema chairs


For the first time, the films’ selection of Cannes XR, the Virtual Reality program of the Cannes Film Festival, will be screened on the Onirix cinema chairs.


An Onirix dedicated screening space will be set up in the Cannes XR Hub, in partnership with the Marché du Film, to allow the festival-goers to enjoy the highlighted content, from May 14th to 19th of 2019.


Aubagne, France, April 8th of 2019 – Onirix VR, a company specializing in providing venues with Virtual Reality solutions, announces a partnership with Cannes XR, the new space dedicated to immersive technologies within the Cannes Film Festival, to screen a selection of Virtual Reality Films on suitable hardware.

Multiple films will be screened on the 3 Onirix Revolving Chairs from May 14th to 19th of 2019 at Cannes XR.

VR will be an important focus at Cannes this year, with the creation of Cannes XR, the new immersive cinema program at the Cannes Film Festival. Our partnership with Onirix will allow professionals to discover in the best possible conditions a selection of VR films that we will present at the Cannes XR hub.

– Jérôme Paillard, Executive Director of the Marché Du Film

The brand new Onirix Chairs allow viewers to comfortably enjoy Virtual Reality experiences with a VR headset plugged to a custom built computer. The Chairs are unmotorized and allow spectators to rotate freely at 360, while freeing themselves from cable entanglement, overheating and batteries. Thus, the Onirix Chair gives the user an active role in immersive experiences by allowing an exploration of the film.

“We are delighted to present a Virtual Reality film selection at Cannes XR on Onirix hardware and, we are honored to be guaranteeing the quality of screenings.”

Yohan Bouché, CEO Onirix VR

With the support of a network of venues and content creators, Onirix wants to democratize the virtual cinema to make it more accessible to the general public.


Onirix VR Revolving Chair – Model O1 dedicated to the virtual cinema


About Onirix

Onirix develops premium solutions dedicated to Virtual Reality for venues, especially for movie theaters. After two years of development and a patent pending, it has been selling since June 2018 an all-in-one chair for virtual cinema as well as a specialized screening and content management software.

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